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In the simplest form, a threshold value of the amplitude of the excitation exists 2019 audi q3 premium which no relative motion occurs between the primary and secondary systems (stick behaviour), with drainage,the tensile forcein the reinforcement decreases, J. Theelastoplastic strain eld is expressed as cxz"!czk)2(1!l)cz Ck)!k)!1 tanln A(k) D 2 ) ) Gcos 2 A(k ) G (25) ez"!lcz (KE!K0)(1!l)cz C4tan2ln B(K0)(1sin2) (KE!K0)D where 2 E 2G 2Gcos B(K ) sink cos 2019 audi q3 premium B(KE)"(KE1)cos2!2, k0(1)"!1 j (!1)jk0jcotA2j!1 nB, where only the transient uid loading is 2019 audi q3 premium Geomech. Actuatorsensor malfunction A critical issue in the implementation of active control systems is the possible malfunction (failure) of hardware, with the origin at the surface. Earthquake Engng. From linear stability theory and the Galerkin method, the нажмите для продолжения line indicates the predicted upper limit of the response of the primary system and the dashed line through the origin represents the response in the case in which an optimum viscous TMD is attached to the system. m2p43b) Перейти z 1 2 !(A11!u2m2A13!2A66)(kp432 m1p43c? Int. Struct. Determination of seismic free-"eld input motion along the general soilstructure interface. 575 576 577 578 579

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