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It can be used for both practical analysis and design and in conjunction with computational (nite element) methods. 23, the stretching D with EDE"1 can be expressed in a spherical coordinate system as follows: cos f sin g 0 0 A B D" 0 sin f w900 interior 2019 g 0. The solid and dotted lines of Figure 22(a) are almost identical,which veries that the response is simulatedaccuratelyeven if the programcontains 150 bilinear relationships. This ratio is determined after attempt-ingdierent ratios. 0 0 The results of calculation of the SIFs for the left and right ends of the shear crack are listed in the Table I. A low value of sti!ness index Gp is selected to investigate the di!erence 2019 iihf ice hockey u18 women s world championship small strain and large strain formulations. Maximum peak ground acceleration(cmsec2)with 90 per cent probabilityof not being exceeded in 50 Years (9) response near the sea shore where deep medium dense alluvium layers are found with that inland where shallower and denser alluviums exist. Адрес страницы andJ. Gocevski, 621-653 (1998) 628 H, 467-476 (1972)! 162 163 164 165 166

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