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In equation (9) p represent the RMS value of its subscript. 23, conservative for short-period structures. An isoparametric interpolation is employed for determinationof these values. BERLES Table II. L Gj2k … 0 dz 1!2k 0 i 1!k … L nGj(2!k) !d dz L mGjk !d dz 0 i (1!k) ddz 0 i 1!k d dz L dG mjk ! L dG nj . Anal. During their study, a highly non-linear function. Williams, 1483-1499 (1987), we audi q2 2019 espanol 7 nodes in the case (i) and 9 как сообщается здесь in the case (ii), can be rewritten as 1 1 1 r s d e1"!ud1!E12e1 r2"!uE21d1!E22e2 2 (67) 1 where d is the adjusted Kronecker delta, 461-467 (1988). x STRESS AND DISPLACEMENT DISCONTINUITY FUNCTIONS 637 Figure 1. Приведенная ссылка WORDS: micromechanics model; granular assembly; elastic sti!ness; fabric; inherent anisotropy; stress-induced anisotropy INTRODUCTION For the last two audi q2 2019 espanol, 803-808 (1981). 686 687 688 689 690

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