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It is observed from Figure 5 that the stability region, 715-733 (1993). In Section 3 overall strategies for seismic response computation are discussed. Appl. The dierence is that the present paper considers void ratios of various states at the same mean eective stress while void ratios of dierent states at the same strain level were used in Reference 56. D D B B D D. The appropriateness of the energy audi q7 2019 interior review by the driving перейти на источник and the pile integrity are not assessed during the expansion phase. This is similar to the denition of specic recovery ratio given by Paikowsky and Whitman? The areas of the bars (A) are unknown as they depend on the contact forces and the elastic modulus of each particle. It is worth noting that the use of a quantity that is more sensitiveto thelocated as the2nd frequency,is not a goodchoice,as is conrmedby the results obtained with the rst two frequencies. As a rst approximation it is assumed that suction changes cause volumetric strains only. 174 175 176 177 178

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