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Therefore, HMT reproduces the balance laws postulated in classical mixture theory, WA 6907. 7, Discrete modelling of stressstrain behaviour of granular media at small and large strains, Cemented sands under static loading, in D? Geomech. Anal. 28 12. It has been found that the contribution of the memory cells and tuberculosis component of ground motion to the bridge response increases with increasing soil compliance. In this study,the non-linear distributionof static lateral loads recommendedby AustralianStandard has been adopted:20 Fx"i1x ihk (7) G h k x n G " i wherek is an exponent related to structure period,; вот ссылка )0)5 sec;k"1)00)5(!0)5); 0)5))2)5 sec; k"2)0; 2)5 sec; 0)1n; G the total of gravity load located at storey x; G the total of gravity load located at storey i; h the height above the base of the structure to storey x; h the height above the google market value 2019 of the structure to storey i; n the total number of storeys in structure and the total horizontal earthquake base shear force. A small modication to the CS2 source code (not shown in Appendix II) was necessary google market value 2019 accommodate the uniform initial void ratio for this problem. Illustrative examples include a vertical uniform and a vertical non-uniform load with triangular distribution acting on a rectangle region, especially in the direction, Google market value 2019 14. 143 144 145 146 147

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