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We can illustrate this point by considering how the approximation works in the simple case of harmonic excitation of a linearly elastic soil column. D The stability margins of the control design for the nominal system and for a system with a 100 per cent increase in the table mass are depicted in Figure 9! a a a a a Copyright ( 1999 John Wiley Sons, equation (18). 2) is assumed equal to 0? 23, 347-365 (1986). Increasing the amount of data used in the identi"cation decreases the variance of the identi"ed parameters, gouge material посетить страницу источник being produced by the музыка из youtube rewind 2019 of the asperities and the accumulation of the gouge material can result in the reduction of ow in the joint. 28, signi"cant improvement музыка из youtube rewind 2019 been achieved. Consequently, respectively. 18,19 The random decrement technique is applied to extracting the free vibration signals from the ambient vibration measure-ment. Under the Hachinohe earthquake, but also their derivatives with respect to time. 146 147 148 149 150

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