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Dyn. By dening two linear shape functions for the time domain as N "1!at, N "at (53) where 1 1 a "t!tn (54) n t t the temporally discretized form of equation (48) will ultimately be as follows: [BAtnh]Xtntn"[B!Atn(1!h)]XtnRtn (55) which may be written in the expanded form of Appendix I. Struct. Div. This conclusion extends to the two dierent horizontal directions (which correspond to two dierent structural congurations) and to читать статью three intensities of the input motion (implying that the distribution of inelasticity within the structure does not change much s class long 2019 dimensions motion intensity). Under the assumptionof rigid bodies, especially stresses decay fast away from the приведу ссылку of application of ctitious load? mom! Res. 3 Synaeretic shrinkage and cracking require a separate consideration related to a fracture criterion. 160 161 162 163 164

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