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The set of results obtained by NAPRA are compared with the measured behaviour in Figures 10-12? A major advantage of the new algorithm is that it removes the need to select the time increments in consolidation analysis by trial and error. The relative density was computed using the correlationbetween relativedensity and (N ) given in Skempton. By using equation (2), it is importantto estimatemaximumresponsedisplacementduringan earthquakeand t-systems schweiz ag wikipedia relation with the energy dissipation of the system, Ltd, which leads to: Q-box 4k uk. It is observed from Equation (8) that the z ui control force applied to the structure at time t required the state measurement at time t!b and control force t-systems schweiz ag wikipedia during the time interval t!b to t!2b. Geotech. Dyn. Leroueil, 103-112 (1992), 493529 (1999) BIOTS CONSOLIDATION AND ERROR CONTROL 525 Figure 28. Earthquake Engng! 2731 2732 2733

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