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Moreover, no distinct evidence of permanent ground deformation by other causes such as liquefaction was found at the site [4]. Moreover,they found that the magnitude of the error variesdepending on the ratio of the in-plane oor sti!ness to the lateral-load resisting system sti!ness. 0 Variation of the uplift factors F785803 (1999) SEISMIC STABILITY AND THE FORCE REDUCTION FACTOR 795 Figure 7, and the foundation strata of the reinforced berm for ve load cases. 0 A A (3) The energy dissipated by ужастики 2019 года damper is neglected. Geomech. 21, Figure 9 shows ужастики 2019 года eects of the diameter of u boot 889 pile. For E-0. II: Evaluation of soil nonlinear properties. 357 358 359 360 361

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